Paint and Coating Materials

Automotive Paints

MIPA Autolacke specializes in providing a universal paint system designed to cater to the entire restoration and repair process of automotive paint coatings. Their range of automotive paints is specifically formulated to deliver excellent results and meet the demands of the automotive industry. Whether it’s for touch-up work or comprehensive paint repairs, MIPA Autolacke offers a reliable solution to ensure high-quality outcomes for automotive paint coatings.

Mipa Industry

MIPA Industry is dedicated to offering a diverse range of industrial products that serve various technical purposes. Their product line is designed to provide long-lasting protection and exceptional finishing coatings. With a focus on quality and performance, MIPA Industry ensures that their products meet the stringent requirements of industrial applications. Whether it’s for painting metal structures, industrial equipment, commercial vehicles, specialized vehicles, heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, or urban and intercity electric transport, MIPA Industry provides reliable solutions that deliver outstanding results.

Mipa Aerosols

MIPA Aerosols specializes in providing a comprehensive range of aerosol products suitable for both semi-professional and professional use. Their aerosol product line offers convenient and efficient solutions for various applications. Whether it’s for localized repairs, touch-ups, or specific coating needs, MIPA Aerosols offers reliable and easy-to-use aerosol products that deliver quality results. With their focus on meeting the demands of different users, MIPA Aerosols ensures that their products are tailored to provide effective solutions in a convenient aerosol format.

Mipa Non-Paints

MIPA, under its brand Mipa Non-Paints, provides an extensive collection of accessories tailored to every stage of painting and varnishing. Alongside abrasives, polishes, bonding, sealing, and masking products, MIPA also offers suitable tools, cleaning items, and personal protection equipment. The utmost priority lies in delivering products of exceptional quality, efficiency, and user-friendliness.